Burned Bridges

Close my eyes
So I don’t see things as they are
Stumbling in the darkness here
My life seems less bizarre
Can’t shut my ears off
To the sounds of my own screams
No matter how i try
I can’t escape my dreams

Burned Bridges - Living Colour


In the ugliness of beauty…

In the ugliness of beauty
And when pretty is vicious
You thought you were a voyeur
And now the irony is delicious

In the access of excess
The pigs are at the trough
You thought you had to fill
But enough is never enough

Those that dare to question
Those that dare to dream
Buried alive in your shit
No one can hear you scream

Decadance by Living Colour


Everything is possible, but nothing is real

We are the children of concrete and steel
This is the place where the truth is concealed
This is the time when the lie is revealed
Everything is possible, but nothing is real

Corporate religion
Suffer till you die
For the sweet-bye-and-bye
Science and technology, the new mythology
Look deep inside

Living Colour - Type

livingcolour type

Faust’s Existential Angst

"Time not to shrink from the dark cavern where
Our fancy damns itself to its own tortured fate;
Time to approach the narrow gate
Ringed by the eternal flames of hell’s despair;
Time to step gladly over this great brink,
And if it is the void, into the void to sink!”


faust existentialism

Its a retired greyhounds life for me! Except for the airing of the phantom testicles part!

Its a retired greyhounds life for me! Except for the airing of the phantom testicles part!


LANCE ARMSTRONG. What a pig of a man. Yet I can’t help but wonder… we have soulless corporations creating brands under the guise of having a moral social conscience and we have people like Lance using business brand models in the pursuit of prosperity and contentment.   If I think from this business perspective, Lance’s biggest mistake was that he got caught. What are the long term consequences to humanity when the line between business and people becomes so blurred? Where are all the popular celebrities with sentiments like Jonas Salk who when asked who owns the patent on the polio vaccination answered “There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?”?

lance armstrong